(Lies) About me.

Engineer-turned-creative who romps through multiverses, travels through time and space and explores dimensions unknown – all before breakfast. Tech and pop culture enthusiast but then again, who isn’t? Will work for Nandos and/or Hardees. Money, too.
Serial procrastinator. Average Joe living in Lahore – an average Javed, if you will.

Things I like: Avoiding real life, books, avoiding real life by reading books, video games, avoiding real life by playing video games, Pat Rothfuss’ beard, 30 Rock reruns, QI reruns,  Timothy Olyphant wearing a Stetson and shooting things. Oh, and, coleslaw.

Things I don’t like: My face (has more hair than my chest), my legs (have more hair than my chest), my right nipple (has more hair than… I think you get the picture.)

What this blog is about: Things I wish happened in my life (but don’t), words (duh), things I feel strongly about (in the rare instances of lucidity)

What I hope to get out of this: More hair on my chest.

What I really hope to get out of this: Bundle of laughs (or crippling depression) every few months as I revisit old posts (of which there will miraculously be many).

Contact (why, you ask? Good question. I don’t have an answer.): chroniclesofaprocrastinator[at]gmail[dot]com
Or if you’re really, really bored:



If you do contact me, please, don’t forget about:


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