Going Time Travelling With Jess Fink

Things I learned today:

  1. I’m not the only one who thinks self making out would be hot.
  2. Poop jokes go surprisingly well with introspection. Surprisingly well.
Sexy futuristic jumpsuit: Check!

This learning experience brought to you by one Jessica Fink in her fabulous book We can Fix It: A Time Travel Memoir. It really brought validation to my beliefs that no, I would not use a time machine to kill notorious dictators, but to make out with my younger self. Jess builds upon the initial silliness/sheer brilliance of presenting masturbation in a whole new light by taking some remarkably deep looks into coping with regrets and traumas from your past, as she revisits scenes from her life that have troubled her all her life. Armed with nothing but her outrageously sexy jumpsuit (none of her alternate selves can seem to resist it) and a kick ass time machine, Jess goes about trying to fix things in her past, with the “perspective” and “wisdom” she has gained from the experience of age. Hilarious hijinks ensue, amidst flashes of profound insight that left me quite introspective myself.

It’s wickedly funny, rife with Fink’s trademark irreverence and remarkable breadth. The obsession with our past, particularly embarrassing events, or little mistakes we wish we hadn’t made, is wonderfully tackled; Often I found myself nodding my head, “Yes, this is exactly how my stubborn younger self would behave were he to be confronted with this ‘foresight’.

I’d enjoyed Fink’s previous work (Chester 5000 XYV). We can Fix It, however, is now, by far, my favourite work from her. If only because of that stunning poop joke.


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