So I have mustache dandruff

22 Feb

I think the title pretty much covers it. What’s that you say? Details? You want details? Well who am I to say no…

So I’ve been irrigating the Amazon rainforest via my nasal passages this week, thanks to this lovely, refreshing bout of the flu. Which meant that when I stared into the mirror this morning and saw the little crusty bit on my mustache, I immediately thought, “Damn runny nose” and proceeded to reach up and scrape it off.

“But wait!” screamed my brain, “Something’s not right here!”

And on closer inspection, I realized that brain was right. The crusty bits were not on the surface of the mustache but embedded inside the hair. So I carefully extracted a piece and peered at it all scientist like until a voice rang out “Achievement Unlocked: Acquired Mustache Dandruff.”


(Yes sometimes I talk in Skype emoticons. I like to think it makes me endearing.)

There I am admiring this new (and honestly, unique) way in which my body has expressed its hatred for all things me, when brain orders me to show body who’s boss.

“Dry/flaky mustache skin, meet (beauty) soap and water! KNOW YOUR PLACE.”

I should probably have taken a photo first, spiced this whole thing up. I knew there was a reason phones come equipped with cameras now.

Brain: “There is only one explanation. You’re an idiot.”
Body: “Oh look the Amazon needs some more irrigation. THAR SHE BLOWS!”


So as must be becoming abundantly clear now, work on the blog’s going pretttty slow (stop flashing red WordPress, I know that’s a typo.) which also means, I’m not writing enough. When all the advice I’ve been given says WRITE MORE FOOL. Story of my life in one word: Procrastination. Story of my life in another word: Bone idle. Story of my life in a third word: (see #2).

I’m not even sure if this is the theme I’ll be using, that’s how much I’ve delayed every decision regarding this. … I KNOW! I’ll take a screenshot of what the blog looks like right now, paste it here. That way, I’ll not only learn how to embed images into a post (education, woot?), but if I do change (=(hopefully) improve) the layout, I can always come back here and have a good laugh about it.
Here goes:

Update: IT WORKS.

Brain: “Go write something proper, now. Idiot.”
I hate you, brain.


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