It Ain’t Home, Is It?

In the span of a heartbeat, your brain attempts to re-engage with your new reality. You appear to be seated on an aircraft. Leaving your life and family behind to move to Melbourne, Australia. Shit. What were you thinking? To your left, your partner has a similarly stricken face. Clearly, reality just dawned on her… Continue reading It Ain’t Home, Is It?


Silence Of Sight

The death grip around his wrist loosened; her voice receded into tired, silent gasps, to be swallowed up by the hum of the machines. He strained to focus on her sound, failing to register the wail that was now overpowering the ears. “Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Tariq. It’s a boy.” *** One second he was… Continue reading Silence Of Sight

Going Time Travelling With Jess Fink

Things I learned today: I’m not the only one who thinks self making out would be hot. Poop jokes go surprisingly well with introspection. Surprisingly well. This learning experience brought to you by one Jessica Fink in her fabulous book We can Fix It: A Time Travel Memoir. It really brought validation to my beliefs… Continue reading Going Time Travelling With Jess Fink

Wherein Our Young Procrastinator Tries His Hand At Chronicling

<scene> Our young procrastinator spawns on a little piece of land. A sea stretches out as far as the eye can see, not a hint of shore on any side. Well this is a monumental suck, decides the young procrastinator, displaying a dazzling array of vocabulary, and a not-so-dazzling command over sentence structure. His attention… Continue reading Wherein Our Young Procrastinator Tries His Hand At Chronicling