Dalliances with White Masculinity in the Western Genre

*Essay (un-proofed) written as part of my studies in Communication, 08/10/2018* It is not far-fetched to hypothesise that nearly every culture in the world has, at one time or another, been affected indelibly through contact with white masculinity. From colonialism to whitewashing, from slavery to multiple world wars, they have been at the heart of… Continue reading Dalliances with White Masculinity in the Western Genre


Digital Surveillance and the Human Condition

Allenby and Sarewitz (2011) posit that since the dawn of invention, human values have evolved with the integration of technology – it has impacted our social structures and our very way of existence. Technological intervention in our lives, however, has now led to fundamental changes as to who we are as people. ‘Things’ that make… Continue reading Digital Surveillance and the Human Condition

The Thoughtful Quark: Adventures in Podcasting

I went into the research for my digital divides podcast with no real goal in mind. It was only after I’d skimmed a few journal entries and landed on the essay ‘A theory of the digital divide’ that I began to have some coherency about what I wished to achieve. Essentially, I wanted my podcast… Continue reading The Thoughtful Quark: Adventures in Podcasting

The Old Jukebox

*A 15 minute short, part of a writing prompt at the Deakin Writers Club write-in* Through the clutter and the haze of floating dust, the old jukebox still managed to stand out. I instantly made a beeline for it, heart thrumming with unwarranted excitement. "Mate, why haven't you dragged this beauty out into the open… Continue reading The Old Jukebox

On Pokémon and Online Identity

There’s a reason why my Twitter cover photo is emblazoned with the classic starters from the first generation of Pokémon games: I love that franchise unabashedly. It’s also the cornerstone of my identity (and thus my online identity, too). Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Social media and other digital spaces have… Continue reading On Pokémon and Online Identity

Microfiction: A Relaxing Day

There's something relaxing about sitting at the railway station on an overcast day, reading, occasionally lifting your head to see a few carriages whip past, people's faces a momentary snapshot traversing your synapses. Then you realise one of those faces was not human. You blink and the image is gone from your mind, a rapidly… Continue reading Microfiction: A Relaxing Day